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Valentine’s Day is just days away, and if you’re still wondering what to gift your loved ones, trust us it’s always safe to get them a bouquet of flowers. We believe that Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without flowers. From classic red roses, show-stopping bouquets, to less traditional Valentine’s gifts, our flowers are the perfect way to say ‘I love you’. Click the link below to get to our Valentine's Day Catalog.

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About Petik Kembang

An artisanal flower studio, based in Jakarta & South Tangerang, specialising in floral design informed by the seasons. Founded in 2018 by two people who later becoming team of four, who couldn’t give up our childhood dreams, we deliver simple happiness through flowers to homes and businesses in Jabodetabek, create arrangements for weddings, events, and special projects throughout the year.

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Weddings & Events

From our Studio we design and create florals for weddings, events and brand campaigns throughout the city. Whether the brief is to turn a palace ballroom into a secret garden, fill a marquee with ethereal country brights or source and ingeniously display specific ingredients from the latest fragrance brand, we will make it happen. Your special day is special for us to.

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Choose Your Bouquet

Our Catalog consists of variety of bouquets that will be delivered straight to your front door, or those you loved most.
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Place Your Order

Contact us through form in this website, LINE@, or Instagram DM and we’ll take it from there

Set Your Delivery Date

Tell us when you want the flower bouquets to be delivered. Best if you order min 3 days before the delivery date to ensure maximum preparation.

Payment & Shipping

We accept payment through Bank Transfer and Paypal, and offer Shipping via Courier Partner (Motorcycle/Car). Shipping & Handling Fees are calculated based on distance.


Sit tight, and we will deliver happiness right to you.

Taking Care of Your Flowers


Unwrap your flowers/or simply release them from our container attached at the very bottom of the bouquet.

Put in a Vase

Place them in a vase filled with lukewarm clean water. You can simply put them in without changing the arrangement, or you can also re-arrange them by yourself.

Water Changing Routine

Change the water with clean lukewarm water every 2 days. You can also put a Floral Vitamin should you have one, or order it from us, to make your flowers last longer.


Cut the stems diagonally, every time you change the water, and put it back in the Vase. Make sure that there is no leaves or foliages that submerged in the water.


Stay away from direct sunlight, and/or places that contains heat. Better if you put them in a chill-temperature room.