About Us

Petik Kembang is an artisanal flower studio, based in Jakarta & South Tangerang, specialising in floral design informed by the seasons. Founded in 2018 by two people who later becoming team of four, who couldn’t give up our childhood dreams, we deliver simple happiness through flowers to homes and businesses in Jabodetabek, create arrangements for weddings, events, and special projects throughout the year.

Our work is rooted in the organic forms and textures of the garden and surrounding landscape, using the natural rhythms of the seasons and the bounty each one brings. All of our arrangements were made from natural fresh flowers and foliages that echoed by our approach to flower arranging.

Delivering happiness is our first and foremost mission, through artistic medium of floral arranging, the skilled practice of showcasing some of the most beautiful gifts of nature, appreciated by those who see them not only for their beauty, but also their power to evoke emotion. We believe, like any art form, that the best flower arrangements are not purely decorative, but also evocative, they speak of the season, the place they came from, the hands that nurtured them. We draw on contemporary influences of colour and form to create floral designs that are both nostalgic and refreshing. We believe in designing without the restriction of rules, respecting the natural shapes of the elements we work with.

Flowers are fleeting, tangible objects of ancient beauty in an increasingly fast-paced world, and at Petik Kembang, we arrange them in the purest, most romantic state, bringing the tangled beauty of nature into the city.

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